DH: Network Visualization

Using Palladio I was able to create the following network visualization.


The visualization was created with the “Programming Historian” data set. After uploading the two tables and telling Palladio what kind of information was given I was able to go to the graphs tab create this visualization. The visualization is about who gave and received help based on the data set. the darker filled in bubbles are the recipients, Ralph Neumann is the large central node so the visualization is telling us that he received the most help.


The above visualization again shows the relationship between giver and recipient this time the darker dots being the giver. I used the timespan tool to filter my results to only show instances of help that fell between time step 12 and time step 13. This tool does illustrate the data from the data set and Network visualization can illustrate almost any data set.

Although Network visualization can be used it can also lead to problems like misrepresentation of data and creating links that may not actually exist in the data. Scott Weingart mentions the creation of relationships that are not there if the user of Network visualization is not careful. Misrepresentation of data, an example being my second image. Without prior knowledge that the visualization was filtered by date you may think that it represented the whole data set. You may have even thought it represented everything in the given time step interval, when in reality I zoomed in and cut off some of the other relationships from the visualization. Bellow is what all the relationships in the interval actually look like.giver-recipient-timespan2

I do think that Network Visualization is a great tool as long as you know what relationship you wish to show from your data and you know that the relationship actually exists.


Scott Weingart, “Demystifying Networks” http://www.scottbot.net/HIAL/?p=6279


Palladio: http://palladio.designhumanities.org/

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